Bead Extension System

Bead Extension application is easy to another extension systems. Application and removing of extension is easy.

Hair density changes one person to another so density determines gram of hair.If you have mormal density of hair, we use 100 -150 gram but density is more we use 150-200 gram of hair.

If you want to make your hair done in coiffeurs , extension hair quality have to be %100 natural human hair.

we produce first quality hair extension in our center Sach ® our experts are Murat KOLUKIRIK and Berat KOLULIRIK.Our extension Systems are;

Nanofilament Hair Extension

Micro Hair Extension

Micro Tape in Extension

Butterfly Tape in Extension

Keratin Hair Extension

Weft Hair Extension systems.

You can take information about our extension systems and you can visit us.

We share videos about application systems and show how to use them.

You can contact with our call center or whatsapp to take more information about extension types and application techniques.

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