Hair Extensions CertificationSach ® Hair Extensions  Certification

Sach ® Hair Extensions has a comprehensive structured Certification Program that is proven to prepare the artist to properly consult with potential extension clients and to provide a professional and technically superior service. We understand the importance of thoroughly educating all Sach ® Hair Extensions artists, not only for the protection of the extension client, but also to protect the artist and the integrity and reputation of Sach ® Hair Extensions.

Why Certification ?

We educate only experienced hair stylists who work in a professional salon environment. Applications are carefully considered and screened prior to the hairstylist being accepted to train in the Sach ® Hair Extensions Certification Program. We are passionate about our responsibilities to the professional salon industry and to the clients they service with our products. There is a cost to the stylist to join the Sach ® Hair Extensions Network so only serious applicants who want to be at the top of their game come to us. This helps us maintain the highest level of industry skill sets working with our products.
So what’s involved with working with Sach ® Hair Extensions and why is our education so important? When you think about it, there are numerous hair extension products on the market that have a similar installation process much the same as Sach ® Hair Extensions. Some offer a day of education; some feel an instructional DVD is sufficient; some encourage the trainee to work on a live model; we take no shortcuts, our education is extremely thorough, and taught by some of the best in the hair business.
However, think a about it! It’s not just about learning how to simply attach a strand of extension hair; it’s about color matching and blending; it’s about placement; it’s about how much hair is required to achieve a specific result; it’s about understanding your client and condition of the client’s hair. Is this client a good candidate for hair extensions? It’s about the stylist/client consultation process and teaching the stylists how to protect themselves. It’s also about finishing and after service care. It’s about growing your salon service portfolio.  We believe that the very minimum amount of time for education must be two full days. We want the stylist to feel fully secure and ready to offer a service that only a short two days before, was totally foreign to them. The opportunities to gain exposure to the hair extension industry are limitless, editorial, celebrity, stage, creative, and so much more.
Welcome to Sach ® Hair Extensions Education! It has been carefully designed to prepare you to enter the world of hair extensions with confidence and skill.