First Day of the Dubai Beauty Fair

Thanks to this in Dubai Fair, we continue to meet the whole world.
We especially met any hairdresser owners from Iran, Qatar, Jordon, Saudi Arabia.

Hair Extensions Experts have researched the best hair extensions systems at their Hairdresser. Not only in the Arabia Countries, but also in many parts of Europe they met with participants.
Ukraine, Russia, England, Ireland, Germany, France and Africa.

Our first meeting in the morning was with Brazil and gave us great happiness.
Although, we are 3 people on the stand, we were very hard on some hour’s moment.

We organized applications and educations.

Specially, we have manufacturer the Butterfly Hair Extensions which they researched very much.
Because they are in smaller tufts and weights, they think they are better suited to the side of hair and they make bulk purchases.

Although, India is normally a big hair wholesale country, we have come to our stand and bought from Tape In Hair Extensions that we have just new manufacturer products.

Believe me, that in such cases you aren’t just your brand, but you are also introducing your country.

It’s the great honor for us to hear our voice in these works that China and India capture in the sector.

But still we are very happy.

Remember SACH is a WORLD BRAND.

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