keratin type extensionKeratin Hair Extension System

Hair extension systems changed completely now ,  in old extension application  generally silicon adhesive is used when we apply extension.

New extension tecniques come up and  one of them is  keration extension system which  is new trend in extension system.

keratin hair is divided into two types In our Sach Company Center

U-type Keratin (U-type Keratin)

Flat type Keratin (flat keratin)

customers ask many questions about keratin  extension system, one of them is ;

How can we use keratin hair extension?

When we apply Keratin Hair extension , bulk hair pinches are prepared with keratin extension intensely.

hairs are fastened to customer hair by using keratin extension heat machine.

There are significant points when we apply extension system to your hair. Actually, most of the extension system can be applied carefully.

If you decide to extend your hair , we advise us to search about extension. There are  so many hair extension sellers  in social media, websites and variety of price offer.

In extension systems  prices  are different because there are many extension systems  and gram is important of hair.

In internet sellers offer us reasonable prices to sell more products but if price is so low according to normal conditions it isn’t reliable for us.

The most important thing is , if you have question about hair , you have to contact with hair expert.

In our Sach Hair Center % 100 natural Human Hair is used. Murat Kolukırık and Berat Kolukırık are our professional hair experts.

They analise your hair and advise us best hair extension system according to hair type and density.

Another question is ;

Does keratin appplication system damage hair quality?

Keratin Hair System doesn’t damage hair quality and it doesn’t absolutely contain any harmful thing for human health, you trust us about your hair.

If you want to take more detailed information about keratin extension and our other extension systems you can reach us our call center

You can watch videos about Keratin Extension , Micro Tape Extension, Micro Extension system and other extensions systems applications.