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The patience applied by our center is again our extensions method.

We will share the most frequently asked questions about the Nanofilament Hair Extensions that comes from your obsess our center.

Who Is The Nanofilament Hair Extensions For suitable?

Total Usage Time

Application Time


Is There Have Disadvantages?

Let’s start with the first question

Who is the Nanofilament Hair Extensions for suitable: The system is more suitable for people who have very short hair. Especially after chemotherapy hair is a method preferred by those who start new hair growing. Or it is a delicate system among those who have no hair at all.

Total usage time: We are giving an average of up to 3 month. For greater use, your hair should have a slower rate of hair growing. You can use it as much as if your hair grows quicker. There are may be earlier hair shedding, we can wear them free call them once a month.

Application time: The average duration of application is three and a half hours for a hair of 100gr. As the gram increases, the application time will increase in the same proportion

Cost: Real hair is gold for us. According to the price gives to gram.

100gr: Standard size and standard head size is sufficient for one person.

150gr: It is a little voluminous hair but for standard head sizes.

200gr: It gives a voluminous hair image but it can not be too long.

250gr: Voluminous hair and long.

300gr: For people with short hair 1cm and 2 cm. It refers to the voluminous hair and length that surrounds all four sides of the head structure.

Is there have disadvantages: The only disadvantages of this system is that the application take a very long time. Because the hair wear to the extensions are very small. It’s a for a long toil and needs effort. It wants to patience; both implementer and customers.

Sach continues to keep you information. You can get more detail information by watching videos.

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