Turkey Beauty Fair 2018

We don’t prefer attending in Turkey Beauty Fair. We mostly joined outland fairs.

We joined Dubai Fair last year and we will join Dubai Fair again.

We will talk about our experience in Turkey Fair. We were very interested in taking hair in Turkey Fair.

Most people asked us why hair was so expensive and whether the hair war real or a synthetic mix.

We tried to explain everything to the people who came to the Turkey Fair. We want to explain these things to yours.

Lets explain why hair is expensive. our hair is %100 real natural human hair and first quality Uzbek Hair.

Normally ,it is impossible to find cheap hair which is natural human hair so there is definitely no mix.

In other words, if you want to buy hair or you want to apply Hair Extensions %100 first quality , you shouldn’t buy a cheap hair.

We gave detail information to people who came to visit our stand in Turkey Fair. Actually, we have a normal price for a Real Human Hair.

Our expectation was high about Turkey Fair. After the fair, the feedback was very good.

Hairdressers from outside in İstanbul want to work with us, our new customers, ladies want to application our Extensions Systems and most people liked our hair.

If you want to take more information and ask questions, you will call us at our call center or WhatsApp.

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