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This is our Part II post for Clip-in Hair – Hair Extensions , don’t forget to check our previous post for Part I. In these articles, we provide technical information for those who are considering buying Clip-in Hair . If you are thinking of getting an clip-in hair or hair extensions , you should definitely take a look.

We continue our questions in order from where we left off ( Clip-in Hair – Hair Extensions ).

How can we distinguish between real hair and synthetic hair?

Coloring process – Blow Dryer – Tongs – can it be done ?

How long can I use it?

What should be hair length for clip in hair extensions ? Can people with short hair use it ?

What are the things that people who use real clip-in hair extensions should pay attention to?

  • How can we distinguish between Real Hair and Synthetic Hair: First of all, you cannot blow dry, curl them and comb them.
  • Coloring – Blow Dryer – Tongs Can Be Done: Yes, You can. We do not recommend re-darkening or lightening dyeing on hair that you have lightened and dyed only to very light tones, as it will tire the hair. For this, we would like you to ask about the place where you bought the hair and the history of the hair.
  • How long can I use hair extensions ? This is something very specific. For example, if you use the hair you bought in natural tones from time to time, you can use it for a very long time. But for example, if you use a hair that you bought in platinum or ombre tones every day and do the curling process, it will go for a shorter time. This is true for extension hair and even your own hair. If you bleach your own hair every month and dye it very light colors, these hairs will wear out in the same way. This is inevitable.
  • What should be hair length for clip in hair extensions ? Can people with short hair use it ?: Many people who are below ear level can use it, provided that the number of parts is high. For this, in the previous article, should the hair clips be one-piece or multi-part? You can read it in the section “How many pieces should be”.
  • What are the things that people who use real hair clip-in extensions should pay attention to: It should be used carefully while washing and drying the hair, without mixing it too much. It should be kept in its case when not in use. You should stay away from very aggressive processes in coloring and blaching processes. If you use it more carefully and well-maintained, you will use it longer. Over time, the clips parts may deteriorate, you can re-sew them in the same spot.. Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser for spare snap fasteners.

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