How to Install Feather Extensions

Step By Step How to Install Feather Hair Extensions

Step 1 Installing Feather Hair Extensions:

Decide where you would like to install your feather hair extension, then peel back a layer of hair to expose the roots.  Gather a small strand of hair in your fingers, and make sure the roots are close together

Step 2 Installing Feather Hair Extensions:

Wrap the wire tool around the strand of hair. Take the two ends of the wire and thread them through the crimp bead. Pull the hair through the bead with the wire ends

Step 3 Installing Feather Hair Extensions :

Slide the crimp bead to the hair roots and carefully thread your feather bundle through the bead. Make sure the feathers stick all the way through

Step 4 Installing Feather Hair Extensions :

Use the pliers to firmly crimp the bead. To ensure comfort, crimp it in a way so it will lie flat against the head. If necessary, trim extra feathers sticking through the bead with scissors.

Feather Hair Extensions By Sach Hair Extensions

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