hair-extensions-turkey (1)
hair-extensions-turkey (1)

We shared our first model in our previous article. Now we would like to share the before and after hair extension application and Natural Color Curly Hair Extension Hairstyle story of our second model.

For our first model, we used ombre and colored in light tones. Now we have chosen a model with very short hair for a different change to be stronger.
First of all, we chosed the Tape in hair extension application as the hair extension method for the 2022 shoots we started to introduce the new season colors.

Curly Hair Extension For Short Hair

As you can see from the before and videos of our model, especially the right and left parts of the hair were quite short. Her hair was dark brown in color. With the arrival of the spring season, there has been a great demand for curly bangs and curly hair extensions. We also wanted to use curly hair in this model. It was a great change.

Also, we have to admit that we used to apply Micro extensions to this type of short hair before. But thanks to the butterfly tape in extensions prepared for these side sections, the short hair there was covered very well.

We will now explain the butterfly tape in extensions by sending these videos to most of our clients who ask us on the phone. You will see the difference too.

Butterfly Tape-in Hair Extension Application for Short Hair

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