butterfly close upButterfly Hair Extensions

We can refer to smaller (1cm) Micro Tapes for Butterfly Hair Extensions application.

The characteristic of this system, which we call Butterfly is the normal Micro Tape 4/1 size and light weight. We can say that it is a method prepared to wear on the right and left parts of the head, especially for those who have slim strand.

Besides, by this means you can also tie one’s hair up in a more comfortable and pratical way. Here of course it will be best to apply it again as recommended by your hair extensions professionalist. May be you need to use it for the whole of your hair.

For these your hair;

To the structure of the hair

To the length/short of the hair

The width of your head

Hair color

We can promise that you will use this system for a total or 2,5 months to 3 months. If the monthly overhoul is free, it is a separate reqirement that our center offers.

For more detail informaiton, you can call our center. If you will share a few videos below definitely recommend you watch it.

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