SACH ® De-Pigmentation Process

The hair undergoes a delicate process of de-pigmentation lasting 35 – 45days.
The black pigments are slowly removed from inside the hair, not from the outside. The typical method of lightening/bleaching hair using ammonium derivatives damages the cuticle layer, thus compromising the hair’s texture and condition! Sach ® Hair Extensions de-pigmentation process does not damage the hair and permits the removal of the black pigment without altering the quality of the hair. The color molecules are actually removed rather than bleached.

Compare SACH ® method to Standard De-colorations

In standard de-coloration, the color pigments are broken down and shatter within the space inside the hair. The bleaching agent also damages the hair, leaving it opaque and fragile.
SACH ® Pigmentation Process
Sach ® Hair Extensions hair is subjected to a special process of pigmentation that does not require hair color, peroxide, or bleach. Because Sach ® Hair Extensions hair strands are not treated with harsh chemicals normally used to alter color, the hair’s structural integrity, condition and texture are maintained. This process provides the wearer and the professional the luxurious, silky feeling of virgin hair that has consistent quality without color variations coupled with a vast range of colors in the palette. The new pigment has a clean, empty space to occupy. This ensures that the molecule sits firmly in place and thus the color will not fade out… just like your cashmere sweater!

Compare SACH ® Pigmentation Process with the Traditional Color Process

The traditional color process does not effectively cover the hair’s original color molecule, which means that after several washes the new color will begin to fade away and could possibly leave a less desirable result.

The SACH ®  Colorizing Process

The only processes performed on Sach ® Hair Extensions hair is Sach ® colorizing process.  Sach ® Hair Extensions is the only Company that does not use any toxic chemicals (i.e. ammonia and/or bleach derivatives) in the de-pigmentation and re-pigmentation processes of Sach ® Hair Extensions hair. The result is color-fast hair that has not been subjected to damaging ammonia and/or bleach chemicals to remove the hairs original color or to achieve the range of available colors.
The benefit of this SACH ® patented process goes beyond the Sach ® Hair Extensions hair quality – it makes Sach ® Hair Extensions International the only Company that can factually state that there is no negative Eco impact from our production process.  This point becomes magnified when compared to the significant negative eco impact created by all hair processing facilities, of which the overwhelming majority are located in Indonesia where there are no effective regulatory agencies to monitor such production.