As Sach Brand, we have always taken care to shoot. Apart from the pandemic period, as the Spring / Summer Collection, we have carried out the promotional activities of the tape in hair extension applications by keeping the most popular Ombre and Highlight tape in hair extensions application in the foreground.

With the new colors added to our Color Chart this year, we have reached a color scale exceeding 140. Our color catalog will be envied by all hairdressers, especially thanks to our ashy tones and N series. Do not forget to visit our instagram page to see our color catalog. All our outgoing orders and new colors are located there.

So What Did We Achieve By Creating These New Colors?

First of all, you will be able to buy your own hair color directly without any hassle. We say this especially for our hairdresser colleagues in Turkey or abroad.

You will be able to find all shades of red , midtones and of course main tones processed hair , including all the crazy colors you want . You will be able to buy not only tape in hair extensions, but also as a weft hair extensions and keratin hair extensions. We have also eliminated the problem of bleaching the hair twice and putting it into coloring. Just because it does not fit the customer’s hair, the part of changing the color again and tiring the hair will be eliminated.

So Why Do We Emphasize Tape in Hair Extension Filming?

Especially when choosing a model, we do not act only by looking at the beauty of the face or the height, we would like to point this out in the models. We prefer models that can fit the Sach brand and give us the story we want to tell.

Now, let’s talk about the stories of the models that we will share their Before After states here:

Our First Model is POLY –

Hair Color : 7A – 7N & 7A-7N-7A-61 Slavic Dream

Hair Length : 90 cm

Hair Weight : 350 Gr

Application Time: 2.5 Hours

Usage Period: 6-8 Weeks

Butterfly Tape in Hair — How to Apply Tape‐In Hair Extensions
Butterfly Tape in Hair Extension Application for Short Hair

If you like and if you want to try our tape in hair extensions, You Can Visit Our E-Commerce and You Can Buy From There.

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