What Is the Micro Tape Hair Extensions?

We have many systems in our center. We have 14 systems in total. I will give a few examples to these systems. For instance, our Nanofilament Hair Extensions system is based on the lastest technology and the most invisible hair extensions systems. However since the application period is too long and a big effort is spent, the price is too little above other extensions. So there are many systems, some of them can changes in applicaitons and prices. If you want a extensions that does not have time and still not visible. We used to revise the Micro Tape Hair Extensions system, in the past as Sach Company but we turned it into the most popular hair Extensions system.

The application period lasts 30-60 minutes. This is a great time for non-time customers. It is not only awesome in duration but also in the upper ranks as a extensions of hair not visible. If some of our customers are uneasy about health, Micro Tape Extensions certainly does not have any damage to the hair and human health. Because it does not cause any allergies on the used tape. Extenisons Tape are used from medical tapes. You are certainly not anxious about this. At the same time the hair used is %100 real human hair.

The average duration of use (Butterfly Tape, Micro Extensions etc.) There is in most of extensions systems is 3-4 months in the average Micro Tape Extensions Systems. The tapes may fall when the end of the time limit. As a result, we are able to renew your tapes free of once a month. Each person’s hair oil rate and hair grow time is different. So if your hair is eary or length time is short, you can use it more. But we do not recommend this to our customers. There is one more subject that is most curious as a Extensions of Micro Tape. After apply your hair Micro Tape Extensions;

Can I wash my hair comfortably?

Can I do anything with my hair?

Blow-dry, hair styler, dye hair, hair wand etc.

We don’t recommend the use of creamy products in your hair. The reason is that because the creams are oily, they can cause the tapes to fall earlier. So we don’t recommend oily shampooand creamy products when your were washed hair. However if you want to use cream, do not apply hair roots, you can apply the begining of the hair.

If you want to get more detail information about Micro Tape Hair Extensions, you can call our center and find out more information about your obsessed with.

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