tape in extension butterfly blondButterfly Hair Extensions

New trend is the smallest of the Butterfly Extensions so Micro Tape System.

How does this system work?

What are butterfly system advantages ? For first time users , you will see exact clarity.

Micro Tape System; production is a extensions method, we have made as Sach A.Ş. In fact, we can say that we revised this existing system that is not very useful.

This is revise; how we can make these extensions that are ready called China and fall very quickly, how we can use our customers for a longer time? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


The cost is very useful althought it is suitable for other systems.

In total Usage time two and a half month or three month.(It changes depend on the rate of hair growing and hair oil rate).

You can easily tie one’s hair up.

Short hair can also be applied.


If you have very thin hair , we advice us new trend Butterfly Tape System.

If your hair too oily, you may hair fall sooner quickly and we already offer us free montly hair care service at our center.

Now we share some application videos below.

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