Sach ® Hair Extensions Keratin

The method of bonding patented by Sach ® Hair Extensions is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage.

Other polymers:
In 1990, Sach ® Hair Extensions International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer. Because of this ground breaking technology, many, if not all extension companies, claimed a “keratin bond” as their form of attachment.  Factually, any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a “keratin” bond, regardless of whether it makes any functional difference or benefit in the bond itself.  Unfortunately “keratin bond” has become more a marketing feature than a functional benefit.

The SACH Synthesized Keratin Bond’s molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. The result gives the SACH bond functionality that is not available in any other hair bonding compound in the marketplace. The functionality is the SACH bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair.
For example, when you wash your hair or get it wet, the hair shaft expands. When it dries it contracts. Bonds that do not possess such function will soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the client’s natural hair because the bond is being stretched with no capacity to contract each time the client’s natural hair expands and contracts. This is a Sach ® Hair Extensions exclusive feature.

Sach ® Hair Extensions