What are Sach ® Hair Extensions?

Sach ® Hair Extensions are methods of adding commercial hair to natural long hair. Hair Extensions methods are used to conceal thinning or hair loss in concentrated areas as well used to add volume and length for aesthetic purposes.

Are Sach ® Hair Extensions suitable for me?

Sach ® Hair Extensions are perfect for most people. However, there could be factors, such as unsuitable current hair condition, hair loss, or hair damage that could prevent extensions from being an option. These factors will be discussed during your consultation before Hair Extensions.

How long does my hair need to be?

It is recommended that your hair be 15cm 20 cm for thickening or volume and 10cm – 15 cm  for lengthening

What type of hair is available?

Natural hair extensions come from different regions in the word, and each type has different characteristics to the next based on how they have been treated in the manufacturing process. Turkish Virgin, Caucasian European Virgin, Brazilian, Remy Indian and Chinese are all examples of types of hair extensions used today hair extensions industry.
Turkish Virgin, Caucasian European Virgin hair is generally accepted as the gold standard in the hair extension industry as the hair extensions are the purest and silkiest. Turkish Virgin, Caucasian European Virgin hair is also the rarest and hardest to find of all natural hair extensions which is generally reflected in the price.
Turkish Virgin, Caucasian European Virgin hair does not necessarily come from Europe. It is a group name for hair which has a very similar basic structure as European hair. In general this hair type is of a very high quality. However the method of collection is very essential. When different types of hair are mixed with cuticles aligned in different directions non remy hair. This hair becomes of a much less quality and therefore less expensive. To prevent tangling the cuticles must be removed and the hair is covered by silicon. If collected in the right way with all the cuticles present and in the same direction this hair is considered to be of very good quality and much cost effective.
Chinese hair is the most common hair found in use today, as it’s readily available in large quantities and cheap to buy. However, Chinese hair is often very thick and coarse. In order to reduce the thickness and give it a softer and finer texture many hair companies expose the hair to an aggressive acid treatment to strip the cuticle layer. This chemical treatment destroys the cuticle layer, leaving the hair opaque and fragile. The hair is then colored and covered with a silicone layer, which gives it a simulated healthy look. In the beginning the hair seems shiny and beautiful, but after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash away and the color fades leaving the hair with a dull matt appearance.
Turkish Virgin hair, Caucasian European Virgin hair is sourced from Eastern parts of Turkey and is similar in color and texture to Asian hair. Unlike Chinese hair it has not been treated or processed.
Synthetic hair is man-made fiber that is made to look like your own hair. It produces a different sheen than human hair, moves differently and therefore does not blend with human hair. New fibers are developed continuously that are better resistant to heat and have an appearance closer to human hair. It comes in a large variety of colors.  This hair is the most inexpensive. Sometimes this hair is mixed with human hair and a combination is used for a human hair extension. This, of course is not recommended, as both hair types need different after care.
Note: Sach ® Hair Extensions prides itself on using just the best quality Turkish Virgin, Caucasian European Virgin hair and Remy virgin hair.

You have used the term “Virgin” several times. What does it mean?

The Virgin hair is hair that has not been dyed, bleached or straightened. It is hair that has not been chemically treated one way or another. It is 100% natural so there can be no damage to the cuticles. The cuticles protect the hair so it is important that they are intact.
Why is Turkish Virgin hair, Caucasian European Virgin hair considered to be the best on the market?
Diet greatly influences both hair growth and hair quality. The best Turkish Virgin hair, Caucasian European Virgin hair comes from small rural communities where the diet, while simple, is high in nutrients and vitamins and low in sugar, salt, and processed animal fats.

I recently read an article on the Internet where they mentioned “single drawn” hair extensions. What do they mean by “single drawn”?

Single drawn and double drawn are the terms commonly used by manufacturers of hair extensions and not widely used by salons. If you’re looking to buy a set of extensions online or from your salon it’s very important to know the difference.
All human hair grows in cycles. While some are growing, some are dormant. This is the reason there are so many lengths in a single drawn ponytail.
Single drawn hair means only the very shortest hairs have been combed out, usually first 5 or 10 cm. So if you had 50cm″ length hair, some strands will be as short as 14, 16″″.
Double Drawn hair is the absolute best quality hair. The term refers to a process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle, and then draws again to realign the top of the bundle. The hairs are arranged in equal lengths creating a very smooth and polished look. This increases the cost of hair as this procedure is done by hand.

How is hair extensions attached?

There are so many different methods of attaching the extension hair ranging from fusion-sewing, braiding, gluing, heat clamps, Micro-Rings and they can even be clipped in. At Sach ® Hair Extensions the attachment technique of choice is Micro-Rings as well as providing custom bespoke clip-in hairpieces.

What are Micro Ring hair extensions?

Micro-Ring hair extensions are individual Human Hair Extensions that give you a very natural look just like your own hair. The hair attachment process is painless and it requires no braiding, no bonding, no messy glue, and you will have no bulkiness when your extensions are complete. These extensions are attached to small sections of your own natural hair at the root with small metal rings that are matched in color to your hair.

How long will Micro Ring hair extensions last?

The hair extensions themselves will last up to 3-4 months before they need maintenance.

Can I keep them in for more than 4 months?

No. You must have maintenance done on your hair extensions by the 4th month. As your hair sheds on a daily basis as part its natural process it is normal to loose up to 50 hairs in a day. This combined with natural hair growth of around 1 cm per month can cause matting within the root area of the extension, as well as added weight pulling on the lengthened root area. If you were to keep them in for longer than 4 months you risk damage to your own hair.

Can I reuse the hair extensions once they are removed?

With Micro Rings hair extensions it is possible to re bond the tip and re-use them if they have been maintained well whilst being worn.

How noticeable will my Micro Ring hair extensions be?

Micro Ring hair extensions are designed to be undetectable to the naked eye if they are professionally fitted using hair that is selected to best match your own color blend. We also use in Micro Ring hair extensions matching rings closest to your hair color. This combination ensures that the extensions will feel and wear like your own hair.

How noticeable will my Micro Ring hair extensions be?

Micro Ring hair extensions are designed to be undetectable to the naked eye if they are professionally fitted using hair that is selected to best match your own color blend. We also use matching rings closest to your hair color. This combination ensures that the Micro Ring hair extensions will feel and wear like your own hair.

How long does it take to fit Micro Ring hair extensions?

The attachment process usually takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the thickness of your existing hair and whether you opt for fashion colors, a half head or a full head of Micro Ring hair extensions Upon request and subject to availability the time required to fit the Micro Ring hair extensions may be reduced by booking an extra technician.

Will the weight of the Micro Rings damage my hair?

The short answer is  No Micro Ring hair extensions doesn’t damage your hair. For a healthy individual with no hair disease, hair fiber is very incredibly strong, about as strong as a piece of copper wire with the same diameter as the hair. Hair also has elastic properties. It can stretch up to 20% of its original length before breaking when it is dry and when it is wet it may stretch up to 50% before breaking.
So why does hair breaks if it is so strong? It depends on the speed at which the pulling force is applied to the hair. If you pull on hair slowly and steadily with gradual increasing force the hair will resist for quite some time before breaking. But if you apply sudden force and yank on the hair it will break. The tensile strength of the hair is reduced, the hair has no time to respond and stretch, which distributes the force over the length of the hair fiber, and the hair just snaps. So despite the apparent strength of hair, it will break if you brush, comb or pull too vigorously because this applies a sudden force to the hair. This is the reason why the removal of glued extensions damage hair and Micro Ring hair extensions cannot.

What is the impact of glued extensions on my hair?

While there are different types of glue, some stronger than others one analogy holds true. Putting glue in your hair is similar to putting gum in it. It’s going to be hard to get out and even with the best removers some hairs will get pulled out leaving you with broken hair and damage.

Do I need special hair care products after I get Micro Ring hair extensions?

Micro Ring extensions do not require any special hair care products other than a special soft bristle brush, which is provided free-of-charge. It is strongly advised that shampoo for normal hair be used and no conditioner be applied on the roots (tips only).

What makes Sach ® Hair Extensions and Clip In Hair extensions unique?

Sach ® Clip-in Extensions is a luxury line of the finest quality hair. It is the only line of bespoke clip-in extensions available in the market. Each set of clip-in extensions are custom made for each individual so that natural hair color, texture and style are perfectly matched. They are easy to install and easy to remove using our proprietary hair clips attached to the hair. A small rubber bar insures traction with the natural hair and the snap clip grips tightly to ensure there is no slippage. The clips have a coating of polymer so no metal touches your hair eliminating any possibility of ripping or damage to the natural hair.

What type of hair is available for Clip-In extensions?

Custom made Clip-In extensions can be made using European and Turkish hair with Turkish Sach ®  Clip In hair extensions being available in single or double drawn. The hair used in our Turkey and European Clip-Ins is the exact same hair we use for our salon applied Micro Rings hair extensions.
Sach ® Clip In hair extensions invite our clients, should they be in the greater Istanbul area to come in to the salon and select the hair from our inventory prior to manufacturing. Alternatively our distance clients (online, telephone) can request for sample strands of hair to be sent by post once the color and texture are selected to ensure that a perfect match will be achieved.

How do I make an hair extensions  order?

Designing and ordering a set of clip in hair extensions can be done the online, by phone/video call or by coming in to either the Istanbul Turkey. At which time you will select: the type of hair, thickness, color, texture and length.
Once measurements have been taken and selections have been made the European custom clip in hair extension will be hand made in-house and delivered to you within 7-10 working days.  Sach ®  Clip In hair extensions  are also hand made but done in Istanbul and will take up to 3-weeks before they are in your hands.
How do I know if my payment is safe?