Hair ExtensionsThere are different grades of human hair in the world. And that all grades Human hair used within the hair extensions industry with Indian, Russian, Turkish, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Chinese hair being the most common type of hair found in use today.
In the hair extensions industry prefer cheap human hair caused of prices. The reason for this is simple it’s readily available in large quantities and cheap to buy. However, Chinese and Indian hair is often very thick and coarse. In order to reduce the thickness and give it softer and finer textures many hair companies expose the hair to aggressive acid treatments to strip the hair cuticle layer. This chemical treatment destroys the cuticle layer, leaving the hair opaque and fragile. The hair is then colored and covered with a cure silicone layer, which gives it a simulated healthy look. In the beginning the hair seems shiny and beautiful, but after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash away and the color fades leaving the hair with a dull matt appearance.
The Essence of Sach ® Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions
For that reason Sach ® Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions never uses Chinese hair and instead only uses the finest quality Turkish, Caucasian European and %100 Remy virgin hair.

Sach ® Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions, Turkish Caucasian European and Remy virgin hair are types of human hair, which retain their cuticles and are hand processed to ensure all the cuticles are definitely facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the hair does not tangle or matt.

The hair is virgin is which means it has never been colored, tinted or chemically treated in any way already. Sach ® Hair Extensions hair can be perfectly matched to your own hair with respect to color, curl and texture. It can be colored, blow-dried highlighted, ironed straight and curled with roll iron to create any look you want yet still behave exactly like your so natural looking hair.

Sach ® Hair Extensions hair is soft to the touch, full of luster and retains its vitality and elasticity after many months such that it can be reused again and again whilst still maintaining a superior quality. Sach ® Hair Extensions once you try this hair you will be astonished at how soft and beautiful your hair looks you will never want anything else.  Sach ® Hair Extensions the sheer quality of this hair makes it only the finest human hair on the Turkey market.
Sach ® Hair Extensions & Clip in Hair Extensions is Turkish Brand