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Each of our staff members experimented extensions on each other’s hair. No device was applied. No discomfort reported.

Q : Once a client has the service are there any products or chemicals that they cannot use?
A : None.
We have been experimenting various liquids/lotions at extended spot with no effect.

Q : Other types of adhesives cannot stay wet or they deteriorate. For example clients cannot air dry their hair. Can the tape adhesive stay wet for long periods of time or must they be dried immediately?
A : Wet hair doesn’t affect a bit.
You can enjoy swimming, sauna or steam bath. You can use hair dryer.
Q : How long does a single strand last on fine, medium and coarse hair?
A : More than four months.
Q : Many times the hair from the root to the spot does not have consistent tension, how is the tension in the root area with this machine?
A : No effect.
If both ends of human hair and extension hair is aligned. ExtendMagic doesn’t generate any tension to the root. To be exact, tension increased at the root is equivalent to additional weight of extended hair.
Q : What happens to the adhesive when the extension is removed?
A : No or little portion of residue may remain on extended hair.
After removal, use comb to eliminate the residue on the extended hair.
Q : When the extension is removed is there any residue on the natural hair or the graphs? Does either have to be treated once the graph is removed? Is there a solvent to clean residue?
A : No residue remains on human hair.
Small amount of residue could remain on extended hair. No treatment, no solvent is necessary after removal.
Q : Will steam rooms have an affect on the hair?
A : No.
We had independent lab. experiment. We put samples of extended hair strands in oven (90℃-2hrs.) with no effect.
Our Advice : “Avoid steam bath above 90℃, for more than two hours.”
Q : Are there rules to maintaining the extensions once attached?
A : No restriction.
Avoid direct heat over 90℃ at the extended spot.
Q : How close to the scalp can you attach the extensions?
A : 5㎜.
Use ExtendMagic-Tip for close extension to the scalp.
Q : For example if a client wants the extensions removed and placed closer to the scalp what are all the steps in the procedure?
A : Remove extension using ExtendMagic-Grip.
Repeat Extension using
– ExtendMagic-Grip for length extension.
– ExtendMagic-Tip for hair thickness.

Q : Please clarify: the hair can be combed? Does this apply only to a single strand or to extensions of 50 and more strands too?
A : A strand less than 30 threads can be combed.
Start combing 1~2cm away from the scalp.

Q : On average how long does it take to complete a full head (say 150 extensions) on fine, medium and thick density hair?
A : About one hour/150 extensionsafter threshold learning. Variables affecting cycle time are pinch grip time, aligning time of human hair and extension strand and press time of ExtendMagic-Grip.(3 sec.)

Q : Cartridges on average how many graphs can be attached with one cartridge?
A : More than 210 graphs/cartridge, i.e. One Cartrigde/ One Customer.

Q : What accessories other than the machine and cartridges are required?
A : Each machine is loaded with one cartridge. No other accessory is necessary.
Q : How do you maintain the machine? Are there special solvents for cleaning? Is there a procedure to cleaning?
A : Surface of both grips is Teflon coated.
Spider-web like adhesive residue may remain on the surface of grips. Remove the residue using brush or pin.

To summarize
The machine creates new services such as :

  • – Adding hair thickness,
  • – Reducing ball spot
  • – Implementing hair implantation

for circular hair-loss and baldness both for men and women.
The adhesive tape (thin film coating) is more than four times stronger
(over 800psi) than hot melt glue.
The extended hair stays firm more than four months.
The extension can be removed easily and neatly using ExtendMagic.

•    Also refer “Independent Field Use Study”

Please feel free to ask additional questions you may have.

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